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Our Mission

WinterKids helps children develop healthy lifelong habits through education and fun, outdoor winter activity.

A Brief Snapshot of WinterKids' Goals

WinterKids 2015 Annual Report

FY 16 Year in Review

Our Vision

All children are healthy and fit because they are outdoors, active, and having fun in the winter-- and year-round.

Our History

WinterKids has been a 501 (c) 3 since 2000. The WinterKids Passport began in 1997 as part of The Ski Maine Association. Through 3 strategic planning cycles, in depth research, and focus groups statewide, WinterKids continues to enhance our program delivery throughout the state with an array of active programs for families, schools, and communities. Led by a 15-member Board of Directors, 5 staff, and teams of volunteers statewide, WinterKids has broad reach and delivers programs efficiently! WinterKids has been touted as a unique, doable and fun program by teachers, coaches, ski areas, after-school directors, alternative educators, and families alike! 

WinterKids Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018

Our vision of success over the next 3+ years includes the following elements:

  • We will measurably increase the number of children, students, and families we have reached through our programs and activities.
  • WinterKids will be known for our education programs (not just the Passport) and the demonstrable impact we are having on the health and well-being of children.
  • We will successfully expand our programs to New Hampshire and foster the growth of WinterKids in other states.
  • We will achieve true financial sustainability through a more successful annual fund, increased event revenue, a re-tooled Passport, and other revenue generation strategies.
  • We will develop and enhance partnerships to support the delivery and expansion of our programs and activities.
  • We will ensure that staff capacity and organizational resources are well-matched to the increased reach and impact of WinterKids.
  • We will maximize technology to support our educators and deepen the relationship we have with our students and their families. 
  • We will establish ongoing relationships with the students and families who are our “alumni.”
  • We will expand our base of volunteers in Maine and New Hampshire, and continue our success in recruiting high-quality board members.

Strategic Priorities

To achieve our vision for the future, we have set the following strategic priorities to guide our work:

  1. Secure WinterKids’ financial and organizational sustainability
  2. Clarify and successfully market the WinterKids brand and demonstrate our impact
  3. Increase participation in all of our programs, activities, and events
  4. Restructure the WinterKids Passport to increase utilization and revenue

WinterKids Strategic Plan Year 1 - FY 2016