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This was our second year participating in the WinterKids Challenge. Our teaching staff is always looking for creative ideas to meet the academic and physical needs of our students. We are looking forward to getting outdoors and active with the WinterKids Challenge again next winter!

- Megan Skilling, First Grade Teacher, Helen S. Thompson School, West Gardiner

WinterKids’ efforts to connect kids with nature and provide them opportunities for outdoor physical activity is important to both the health of our children and the health of our state.

- John E. Baldacci, Former Governor of Maine

We live in a state with troubled health issues, particularly among young people. I feel like I had such great opportunities growing up to ski and snowboard in the Maine mountains, so I am glad to give back by reaching out to kids and encouraging them to get outside and participate in healthy winter sports.

- Seth Wescott, Olympic Gold Medalist in Snowboardcross, Spokesperson for WinterKids

My 5th grader struggles to get outside in the winter. Because of the Passport, we all learned to ski (myself included). My daughter will always remember it was because of WinterKids that we hit the slopes for the first time. I think skiing is a lifetime skill she will enjoy forever.

- Yvonne Mickles, WinterKids Passport Parent

The WinterKids Passport completely transformed our family’s attitude toward winter and, more importantly, transformed our behavior. Winter went from being a non-physical indoor season to a whole family activity extravaganza! It was so wonderful that we were actually sad to see the snowiest winter in years come to a close!

- Kelly Desrosiers, WinterKids Passport Parent

The Passport helped our family get out and enjoy the season, and made our family come closer together. We had a blast!

- Tammy - WinterKids Passport Parent